Podcasting Links

JJ Jackson/IQE SoundcloudStitcher, iTunes
How to start a podcast by Pat Flynn
Publish Podcast to iTunes by Blubrry
Libsyn’s most basic plan is 50MB for $5 per month
Libsyn Vs Blubrry and other podcasting stuff at School of Podcasting
Blubrry has an affiliate plan and Libsyn does not except for a select few
Buzzsprout and Spreaker have free intro hosting plans
The Definitive Podcast Directory List which includes iHeartRadio
EOF is on iHeartRadio !
How To Submit Your Podcast To iTunes and Stitcher Radio by Podcast Fast
How to Design Stunning Podcast Cover Art That Stands Out in iTunes
Submitting Podcast to iTunes….
Podcast Connect Help and iTunes Connect
12 ways to use an iPad or Android tablet with podcasting
Podcast Equipment by Podcast Answer Man
Learn how to Podcast
John Lee Dumas Disquis
Search EOF’s Podcast Archive
EOFire’s How To Podcast: The Ultimate Guide to Podcasting
This guy flamed out after interviewing some big players.
And Evan Carmichael is a pretty big fish whom I’ve recently discovered.
Tim Ferriss Podcast Guests
Over at Kit.com, Tim Ferriss lists his podcasting gear and recording software


Their Podcasts are listed in these directories…….
Soundcloud (EOF, SPI, AskPat)
Stitcher (EOF, SPI, AskPat)
iTunes (EOF, SPI, AskPat)
iHeartRadio (EOF, SPI, AskPat)
DigitalPodcast (EOF Archives, SPI, AskPat)
Fluctu8 (EOF, SPI, AskPat)
LearnOutLoud (EOF, SPI, AskPat)
Podcastpedia (EOF, SPI, AskPat)
tunein (EOF, SPI, AskPat)
Podcast Chart (Social Triggers Insider)
Podbay (Social Triggers Insider)
Podbean (Social Triggers Insider)


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